Pro Performance 14" Front Big Brake Kit - 88-98 GM Truck / SUV

$1,245.00 - $1,624.00
This brake kit will work with any disc brake drop spindle, such as McGaughys, Street Edge, BellTech, etc. You will receive a template and instructions on modifying your spindle, which requires cutting of the caliper "ears" and drilling and tapping for the caliper mounting bracket. Works only on HD rotor drop spindles. 
This kit has a caliper offset of 0.304". 
Spindle not included.
Requires user modification on stock or stock style spindle with caliper "ears". No modifications needed on spindle when adding the NEW React modular 2" drop spindle.
Hub uses 14x1.5mm studs.
Must have HD spindle, and will NOT work on light duty brake spindle.
Widens track width by 5/16" per side (except when using React spindle)
Key Features:
1) Works on drop spindles
2) Uses new calipers, not rebuilt
3) Precise machined hub
4) Laser cut mounting bracket
5) Fits in most 18" wheels and larger
6) Will work with most aftermarket wheels, since caliper offset is kept to a minimum.
7) Works with Non-ABS and ABS Trucks
Kit Includes:
- C5 Caliper - New (Not Rebuilt)
- 14" 1-Pc. Rotor, Drilled / Slotted / Zinc Plated with Directional Vanes (1.1" Thick)
- Machined Aluminum Hub - 5x5 Bolt Pattern
- Caliper Mounting Bracket
- Stainless Steel Hoses
- All Necessary Hardware
- Brake Pads