GM 88-00 C1500 Rear 16" Big Brake Kit


A 16" C1500 kit utilizing Wilwood 6-piston TC6 or machined MFG 6-piston calipers designed for 88-00 C1500 5-lug trucks. This setup uses the same 16" rotors and 6-piston caliper as the front, but a smaller piston area. This allows it to keep the bias proportional while still achieving a matching look. Matches our 16" kit using stock or drop spindles HERE or using Wilwood Iron C1500 ProSpindles HEREThis kit is designed and machined in-house, and uses Wilwood calipers, pads, and rotors.

Utilizes LSMFG machined aluminum hats and radial brackets. 

NOTE: Fits inside most 20" wheels.