GM 88-00 C1500 Front Upgrades (5-lug)

$329.00 - $812.00

Drilled/ Slotted front rotors with pads to match our C1500 Rear Disc Conversion. 

NOTE:  All 1.25" thick rotors ship with an ABS tone ring. If you have a truck/SUV without front ABS, the tone ring can easily be removed.

Note for 88-91 standard cab trucks (except 454SS) with 1" rotor width:  You can swap to 1.25" rotors by selecting the 1.25" rotor option above and using these DROP SPINDLES. If you prefer stock height spindles, you will need to source those from an 88-00 extended cab, 90-93 454SS, or 92+ in any cab configuration.