GM 88-00 6-lug K1500 14" Front Big Brake Kit


A 14" 6-lug K1500 brake kit utilizing Wilwood 6-piston FNSL calipers, aluminum hats, and machined 6061 AL brackets which bolt directly to the factory spindle without drilling. Designed fit 88-00 fullsize 4wd GM trucks and SUVs.  Matches the 14" rear kit HEREThis kit is designed and machined in-house, and uses Wilwood calipers, pads, and rotors.

Note: Fits spindles with factory 1.25" rotor width. Non-heavy duty spindles from 88-91 Standard Cabs with a 1.0" rotor width must be swapped to 88-91 Ext Cab spindles, or any spindle from 92-00. 

Wheel Size Requirement: Fits inside most 18" wheels.