D.I.Y. Belt Driven Compressor Kit


Build your own kit with this universal set up.  This allows you the freedom to build your own bracketry to match your needs.  

  • NEW (not remanufactured) York 210 compressor w/ clutch
  • 2 x head fittings tapped to NPT
  • 36" stainless braided leader hose 
  • lasered  1/4" steel compressor mounting plate
  • York dipstick
  • Filler syringe
  • Intake filter/silencer  
  • machined idler spacer 
York SLM Upgrade (Super Low Maintenance)
All the same benefits as the standard York
Several internal modifications to reduce oil consumption:
- pistons machined for oil control rings
- crankcase venting into intake cavity
- intake cavity baffling
- Finned head to dissipate heat more effectively
Side by side tests with a standard York show 1 oz of oil use per 1 hour runtime (standard) and 1 oz of oil use per 50 hours runtime (SLM).
NOTE:  Standard compressors will require draining the pre-filled oil in the compressor, and re-filling with 10-12oz of SAE30 non-detergent engine oil. SLM compressors come pre-filled with the correct oil. Keep the SLM oil level maintained at 10-12oz of oil, using the supplied Amsoil PCK.