GM 14 Bolt Rear Disc Brakes (8-lug)


All serviceable parts are also available individually. Installation requires no welding. Due to the various 14 bolt axle variants, specific step-by-step instructions are not available. Basic installation experience of aftermarket brake setups is required. The hose routing (and parking brake cable routing, if optioned) is the responsibility of the installer. CONTACT US for CAD screenshots showing assembly.

NOTE:  Will fit inside many *but not all* 16 inch wheels (when optioned correctly). Typically if the caliper contacts inside of the wheel, clearance can be gained by light sanding of caliper contact points. 

CALIPER SELECTION:  If you wish to retain your parking brake function, choose the parking brake caliper option. Please note that the Wilwood calipers are NOT parking brake capable.

Replacement Parts:
- For non-parking brake calipers/pads use same fitment as 1982 K10 Front
- For parking brake calipers/pads use same fitment as 1977 Cadillac Eldorado Rear
- For smooth SRW rotors use same fitment as 1982 K20 Front
- For smooth DRW rotors use same fitment as 2005 Silverado 3500 Rear
- For any of these and all other kit parts, use our Replacement Parts section