Ford Ranger, Bronco II Rear Disc Brakes (for Drum Axles)


Finally, a rear disc brake conversion that doesn't break the bank. Installation is simple, requires no welding, and it's not necessary to pull out the axles. Serviceable parts are also available individually.

Please verify your flange dimensions with the image below. This can be done without removing anything simply by measuring the flange at the back side of the drum. Even if your model is listed below, if it does not have the correct flange measurements then the kit will not fit.


83-97 Ranger

98-11 Rangers  (this year range requires the rotor stud holes to be drilled larger to fit the wheel studs)

84-90 Bronco II

NOTE:  Will fit inside many *but not all* 15 inch wheels. Typically if the caliper contacts inside of the wheel, clearance can be gained by light sanding of caliper contact points. 

CALIPER SELECTION:  If you wish to retain your parking brake function, choose the parking brake caliper option. Please note that the Wilwood calipers are NOT parking brake capable.