Early Kit Shaft Replacement


 After early production of our No Notch/ No Toe steering systems prior to May 2011 we found better ways of machining and heat treating the 4 shafts included in the kit. These later style shafts are available for all of those who purchased these kits early on, which is the first 102 customers. The 3 shafts offered free of charge are the 2 tie rod shafts and the steering arm shaft. For an additional $25 you can get the matching idler arm shaft as well, although it is not critical from a functional standpoint. All shafts ship for free.

You can check your emails and payment notifications to see if your kit was purchased prior to 05/11. (1st and 2nd group buys)

The email you check out with MUST match the email you originally used to purchase the kit, or you can indicate the original email in the Notes field on checkout. We cannot ship these parts unless we can match up the email to the original order.

Email eric@littleshopmfg.com if you need assistance.